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Provide Safe Schools

Protect our students and staff from threats so that students have a safe, secure and positive learning environment

Ensuring that our schools are safe and secure for students, staff, and the community is one of my top priorities. A safe and secure school environment is essential for students to be able to focus on learning.

In order to have safe schools, we need to invest in effective security measures. These include access control, emergency response planning, regular threat assessments, cyber defense, staff training, crisis communications, and cooperative engagement with law enforcement. As someone who had responsibility for regional security for a Fortune 500 company, I know how to utilize technology to bring improvements in our security posture. And we can do so while respect student privacy and without changing the look and feel of our buildings.

Another important aspect of providing safe schools is promoting a positive school culture. This includes fostering a culture of respect, anti-bullying, and responsibility among students, staff, and the community. We have implemented positive behavior programs in our district to help students develop the skills they need to succeed socially and to elevate kindness as a core value. We also providing access to counseling and mental health resources for students who need them.

Finally, we need to stay in tune with technology threats and ensure our cyber defenses are up-to-date. I have championed tech security within the district, informing our strategies, plans, and budgets with current ideas from the tech industry. As cyber threats evolve, we need to keep up if we are to protect student data and ensure the district’s ability to operate without interruption.

Providing safe schools is a foundational element of world class schools. It is important to continuously evaluate and improve our safety measures to keep pace with evolving threats, and I am committed to ensuring we have the right level of protections in place.

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