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Update on Contract Negotiations between Board and UCFEA

  1. Provides competitive compensation for our excellent teachers

  2. Stays within the tax limits established by Pennsylvania law (Act 1) including limited qualifying exceptions

  3. Sustains current class size limits and school programs On the financial dimensions of the agreement, there is a significant gap between the UCFEA and Board proposals.    (There are also significant differences on non-financial contract terms.)   Over the three year contract period, UCFEA's proposal would (absent other actions by the Board) push UCFSD well above the Act 1 limits. Were the UCFEA's proposal accepted in its current form, the district would need to undertake some or all of the following steps in response:

  4. Reduce the size of the teaching force and increase class sizes

  5. Cut programs (in order to cut professional staff)

  6. Put a referendum to the voters to increase taxes beyond Act 1 limits I do not believe that taking these drastic steps would be in the best interest of our students and community. What happens next? It is back to the negotiating table.  I am confident that the Board will continue to negotiate in good faith to reach an agreement.  And that agreement needs to result in a contract that enables us to deliver a great educational program to our students, while fairly compensating our teachers, and staying within the limits of Act 1. Press coverage here: ChaddsFordLiveChesterCounty.comSouthernChesterCountyWeeklies.comUnionville Times

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