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UCFSD Annual Achievement Report Published

The Annual Achievement Report was presented to the Board this week.  The metrics serve as one of the ways to measure learning outcomes and reflects directly on the wonderful work, skills and character of all of our students.  The results provide further insight in to why UCF has gained broader national prominence as of late.

The detailed metrics help the administrators and teacher to evaluate programs and identify areas of greater emphasis.  The District is committed to continuous improvement and to unlocking the potential in all of us. I have two main observations: First - these results are very strong, and reflect the efforts of everyone in our community to give our kids an excellent education.  That includes parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, and the community as a whole.  Five of our six schools are in the top 3% of all schools in the state, based on the state's method for calculating school performance.  There is much to proud of, and I commend everyone int he District for their commitment to educating our kids. Second - despite the great results,  there is still of room for improvement.  One of the weaknesses the administration has identified is that we are not getting enough academic growth for our highest achieving students, especially at Pocopson Elementary.  I have spoken to several parents who have expressed this same concern, and I have spoken to the administration about this as well.  There is recognition of the problem; now we need to take steps to improve it.  (See the discussion on the video starting at 1:14).  There are other opportunities evident in the report as well, which the administration pointed our in their discussion with the board. You can listen to my comments on the Annual Achievement Report by clicking on the "video" link on the UCFSD home page, and skip ahead to 1:37:24 on the timeline.  (I participated in the board meeting remotely, due to a business travel commitment, so I am the black phone on the desk!)

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