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The Value of Teacher Benefits - Part 1

  1. Medical/Health Insurance

  2. Prescription Drug Plan

  3. Dental Plan

  4. Vision Plan

  5. Disability Income Insurance

  6. Life Insurance So are these offering competitive?  To answer that, we need to compare UCF's benefits to those of other employers.  I turned to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which surveys all public and private employers, and compiles benefits data by industry and sector.   For each benefit, we will see two factors rated:

  7. Access.  Does the employer offer the benefit to the employee (regardless of quality of the plan, and regardless of the amount of employee 'copay/contribution')?   If yes, then the employee has 'access'.   The BLS figure shows the percent of employees in that sector with access.

  8. Participation.   Employees with access may not choose to participate in the benefit plan.  "Participation" is the percent of employees in the sector that have access and choose to participate in the benefit plan.Medical Insurance Here is the BLS data for Medical Insurance, with UCF added by me for comparison.

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  1. UCF provides teachers with access to all major benefits

  2. In doing so, this makes UCF an above average employer when compared against all civilian employers

  3. In terms of access, UCF has the right benefits in place to attract, retain, and reward Great Teachers. Medical plans offered by UCFSD are summarized here.

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