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Reporting on UCF and Testing

One even publishes a blog extolling their virtues, says they improve performance, and criticizes their detractors. I would not say that my blog "extolls the virtues" of testing or "criticizes their detractors". Neither would I say, as the reporter later states,  that I "blog enthusiastically about standardized testing". I would say, instead, that I have been examining the pluses and minuses of opting out, and that I come down on the side of supporting standardized testing, but within limits.    And I have not been criticizing the detractors of standardized tests, but rather I have been challenging their arguments and presenting my own point of view.   While I try to blog with purpose, I also try to persuade with logic and reason and to represent the views of others fairly.  When challenged, I try to follow Desmond Tutu's advice:  “Don't raise your voice, improve your argument." Regardless of how my own views were represented, I hoped that the article would add some value to the discussion of the PSSAs and standardized testing.  Was that accomplished?  Not so much.

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