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How Much Do UCFSD Teachers Earn?

  1. Base pay

  2. Variable pay

  3. Benefits

  4. Career opportunity

  5. Working conditions Although we are going to focus in this post exclusively on base pay, we will come back in future posts to benefits, opportunity, and work environment. So let's start with data on teacher salaries, which is from 2012-2013 and available here.  (Note:  as a UCF school board member I do NOT have access to teacher payroll or other records.  I am dependent on publicly available information, and I downloaded data for this post from public databases.) The minimum salary (from the CBA) was $48,520, and the maximum was $102,741.   The full distribution curve of salaries are shown in the chart below:

UCF All Teacher Pay 280
UCF Salary Histogram by $10k
UCFSD Step Lane Count
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