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April School Board Agenda

  1. 2015-2016 budget.  The budget funds the people, facilities, and programs that deliver the quality education that is the hallmark of UCF.  And the budget also determines the property tax rates for the coming year.   The current version of the budget (to be finalized by June 15) would spend $79.2M (up 4.28% from prior year) and millage rates would increase by 2.89%.  The main drivers of increases are fringe benefit costs and mandatory contributions for employee pensions.

  2. Discussion of three policies that are important in the life of our community:  #707 - Use of school facilities; #249 - Bullying; and #916 -  Volunteers.

  3. Updates on renovation schedule for Patton Middle School and acoustical issues with UHS auditorium roof. At the 4:30pm Curriculum and Educational Technology (CET) Committee, there are two other items of interest.

  4. First, the administration recommends changing the elementary school calendar from quarter to tri-mesters.  This change will slightly increase instructional time, by reducing time going through an extra marking period, compiling quarterly grades, etc.

  5. Review the District's Technology Integration plan Come on out to the District office at 4:30pm for the CET committee, or 7pm for the Board work session.

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