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Advisory Committee Receives Update on Redistricting Study

  1. Even if the overall population in the district remains steady or declines, will we continue to see past school-level trends continue (i.e. Pocopson increasing and Unionville and Hillendale decreasing)?

  2. What will be the impact of new housing on enrollment, school by school? By next Friday, we should have the answers to these questions, and have school-level enrollment projections for the next 5-10 years.  With this information, we should be able to answer the question on all of our minds -- do we need to redistrict? The committee meets again on Friday December 12 with the consultants, and intends to make a recommendation to the Board based on the results of the study. Then there is a special Board meeting to review the results of the study, hear the recommendation of the committee, and openly discuss what comes next. My previously stated views on Redistricting are still intact, and can be found here. Previous updates on Redistricting (oldest to newest) are here:

Redistricting Study Announced5 Facts on Pocopson Redistricting Advisory Committee Meets to Review RedistrictingPocopson Redistricting Advisory Committee - Your Representatives

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