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Empower Teachers

Attract and support the best educators, because great teachers are essential for students to learn and grow

Great teachers are essential for students to succeed. And the best schools make sure that teachers have the resources, support, and empowerment to teach well.

As a school board director, I understand how important teachers are for our students. They are the heart of our education system, and research shows that the best teachers provide a big difference in how much students learn. That is why I am committed to recruiting the best teachers into the district, paying them well, and recognizing those who do a great job.

We also must provide our teachers with the support and resources they need to do their best work. This includes providing continuing education connected to what they teach, involving teachers in decisions and fostering a team atmosphere in our schools. Teachers should also be encouraged to be creative in the classroom, as long as it aligns with the district’s goals and values. This approach allows teachers to tap into their own expertise and creativity, which makes learning more engaging and effective for students.

I also recognize the importance of teacher well-being. We should provide robust medical benefits, access to wellness resources, build a positive and inclusive work environment, and show appreciation in big ways and small.

By empowering our teachers, we are creating an environment where they can thrive and which in turns helps our students to succeed. I value the contributions of our teachers and am committed to ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed.

Teacher Helping Student Playing Violin
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