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Bob Sage

School Director



Unionville Chadds Ford School District

Birmingham Township

Pocopson Township

Newlin Township

We need World Class Schools

Academic Excellence




My Priorities for Our Schools

Strengthen Achievement

Prioritize academic growth for each and every student

Support every child to reach their academic potential

New Growth

Support Families

Partner with parents on a transparent and rigorous curriculum

No one is more invested in their child's education than their parents

Home schooling

Provide Safe Schools

Protect our students and staff from threats

Provide a safe, secure and positive learning environment

Teacher and Student

Empower Teachers

Attract and support the best educators

Great teachers are essential for students to learn and grow

Teacher in Classroom

Invest in Tech & Facilities

Provide students with up-to-date technology, building and grounds

Equip our schools and keep them current

Technology Class

Operate Efficiently

Be operationally efficient, always respecting our tax payers

Invest our funds wisely for lasting excellence

Dollar Bill in Jar

Why me?


Every student deserves a world class education.  And families choose UCFSD, expecting our schools to provide a great educational experience.  I am running for school board to ensure our schools deliver on that promise.


It starts in our classrooms, with great teachers and a rigorous curriculum.  Our educators must also partner closely with families, who are the ones ultimately responsible for their children's' education.


Our district must provide a safe and secure learning environment, with facilities and grounds that are up-to-date and well-equipped. 


And to afford to be the best, our schools must be operationally efficient, investing tax-payer funds where they will have the greatest impact.


In my 25 years in private industry, I have helped lead organizations to achieve challenging objectives.  If we are going to develop world class schools we need board members who know how to lead, who will prioritize what matters most, who will find solutions that work for everyone, and who will hold school district leaders accountable to deliver on their commitments. 

I have served on the School Board from 2014-2019, and again from June 2022 until today.  I have a track record of applying my expertise in strategy, finance, technology and facilities to make our schools work better for our community.


And as a parent of UHS graduates in 2021, 2024, 2026 and 2037, I am deeply committed to make sure our schools are world class for years to come.



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